Thursday, April 8, 2010

Dear Giselle,

Today would've been your fourth birthday.

Do you remember the day I brought you home?

You weren't my first car. But you were the first car I ever bought all by myself. And for that, you will always hold a special place in my heart. You really were a beauty. And you know what, you've been on quite a few adventures!!

Just a weeks short of your 1st birthday, I took you to Panama City on spring break. You were great. You made it there with a whole 1/4 of a tank of gas left!! Bless you. One morning, Brittney and I walked out to the parking deck to run some errands and when I went to sit down in my seat I was greeted with glass. I looked around and what did I find? A busted window!

Do you remember that time someone broke into you? You must've felt so violated!

We had to patch you up until we got back to Carrollton and could get you to a repair shop. And the idiots who busted you not only busted your little back window, but in the process managed to ef up the the molding and weather strips around you. So the whole back window was replaced. And all was well again.

Three months later you made a trip back to the beach. This time it was to Cape San Blas.

Lookin' good in the sand, girl!

No worries. This time there were no break ins. You just did your thing soaking up the sun for a week.

Spring Break 2008 you were back to your traveling ways. This time it was to Orlando! Disney World, Islands of Adventure, Universal, and a Braves spring training game were all on the agenda. I'm sorry I don't have a picture of you from this trip. I promise you had a good time though. And no parts of you were violated.

Summer of 2008 you were at your traveling best again. Where to this time? The Hoosier State of course!! You took me and Cassie to the DCI World Championships. We picked up Kyle along the way. That was the year Regiment won 1st place!! Again, I don't have any pictures of you from this trip. I'm sorry. But do you remember getting lost in the middle of nowhere as we were approaching Louisville? That crazy GPS had the Louisville Slugger museum in the middle of a pasture! You kept us safe though.

Last summer you were back at the beach, you little beach bum! It was back to Panama City. I promised you you wouldn't get beat up again. That's the only way I could get you to go. And everything was fine! You got us there and back safely.

If only you could tell the stories of the things we did and the places we went!

Really Giselle, you've been on so many adventures. With so many people. From snowstorms, to floods, and tornados, you've see the most intense of weather. And it's Georgia so I'm sure you've seen a tropical storm or two.

You've been snowed on too many times. Three times this year alone!

From the beach to the midwest, concerts, movies, Braves games, Tech games, sleeping in you overnight, and weddings. You've been to so many weddings. And it was on the way to one of the weddings that your life was cut short.

Saturday April 3, 2010 will be a date I won't soon forget.

While on our way to Caroline & Tim's wedding, at approximately 2:30 pm, Cassie, Alison and I were in a wreck that we should NOT have walked away from. I know God had a lot to do with it. He wasn't done with us. That much is clear. But you Giselle, you held up to the test. And what a test it was.


While exiting I-20, traveling east, onto Highway 61 in Villa Rica, the light was green as I approached. And you know those pesky lights, they change so quickly!! So I slowed down considerably. And as I was about to say to Cassie and Alison, "It is so scary coming to a light like this when it's green," I looked to my left to see a car plowing towards us. There was nothing I could do. The lady in the other car never even braked. We were hit at full speed. And it was the scariest moment of my life. I will never forget opening my eyes and seeing my two best friends; clearly in shock and pain. I was more worried about them than anything.

It seemed like an eternity passed before someone ran up to the car to check on us. At that point I had realized my arm was pouring blood. Bruises were already starting to form on each of us. And my arms and legs were going numb. Then I realized I was pinned basically between the grill of the other car and your center console, Giselle.

The door was pushed in two feet. And my seat was pulled under the door.

And that's when I lost it. I needed out of the car right away. I couldn't handle it. I was completely hysterical. Cassie had to calm me down. And finally, after what seemed like another eternity, emergency personnel showed up. And I honestly can't tell you who was first on the scene. But as soon as they asked if we were ok, I just said, "I need out of my car!!" I probably should've waited. They probably should've made sure I was ok first. But as soon as Alison got out, I kicked off my 4" heels, wiggled my way out of the seat, and crawled out as fast as I could, even walking over glass with bare feet. There was a guy who had stopped to help and he put out jackets in the back of his cargo van for us to sit on/in. I wish I knew his name. I'd send him a card.

Some time passed and ambulances arrived and we were all loaded up. Alison and I went in one and Cassie and the driver of the other car went in the other. Our EMTs were great! They had us laughing and took such good care of us. I wish I knew their names too. On the ride I asked Alison if it was her first time in an ambulance. She said, yes. It was mine too. Another first to add to our list of adventures we've been on together. And that was the last time I saw you that day, Giselle.

We were taken to Tanner in Villa Rica and were each put into our own rooms. I wish we could've been in one room. The three of us, we're always together. It didn't feel right. One by one our parents arrived. Happy we were alive. Alison was the first to be released. After a neck and chest scan, I was next. Then came the news that Cassie had to stay overnight due to a bowel contusion from the seatbelt. At that point, all of us were walking like old women. And the bruises and cuts were unreal. They always say the soreness after a wreck is the worst. They weren't kidding. We also had lots of visitors in the hospital.

While I was still at the hospital, Dad found out where they took you and went to get some of my belongings. My computer being the biggest concern. When he saw you, he said he lost it. His best friend, Mike, just walked over and patted him on the shoulder. I'm sure it was tough. If it would've been up to me, my parents never would've seen you. I knew it was bad. Then when we finally left the hospital, we drove by again to show mom. She lost it too. At that point, I was so in shock, exhausted, and doped up on drugs, that it was all a bit fuzzy.

The next day was Easter and boy was I sore. I could only sleep on my back because of all the bruises. And I am NOT a back sleeper. It wasn't a good night. But I got up and limped to church anyway. And confession, I can't tell you one thing that was said in that sermon. Or one song we sang that morning. I was so out of it with the pain killers and muscle relaxers. After breakfast with the family, I came home and went back to sleep. And woke up just in time to leave for Easter at my aunt's.

Monday, Dad and I went back to check you out. And to say goodbye one last time. And I knew it was bad, Giselle. I just didn't know how bad until I saw you again. It was really bad. All the cuts from the glass, they're starting to heal. And some of the bruises are going away. But some of the bruises are getting worse. And some new ones keep appearing. The headaches have stopped and my neck isn't really bothering me anymore. And the only thing I'm having to take right now is Motrin. Things are getting better. Slowly.

You were good to me. You were good to my friends. You are a part of lots of amazing memories. Somehow you managed to get us through that wreck. I really did love you. I took care of you. I kept you clean, mostly. I know you were a little dirty the day you died. It's spring. The pollen is out in full force. I'm sorry you weren't shiny and clean on the day you went to automobile Heaven. I hope you can forgive me. I hope parts of you will be sent on to other cars that have had misfortunes. Like your tires. Three of your tires are still in perfect condition. Your back window. I think it was ok. And your whole front end. And your engine. Your engine worked perfectly.

You'll be replaced with time. I'm sure many cars will come in and out of my life. But I will never forget you. It was in you that I realized I have a lot to live for. A lot to be happy about. And a lot to look forward to.

RIP Giselle
April 8, 2006-April 3, 2010

Your Bruised Owner.

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  1. omgosh i just want to cry. i'm so SO glad you were able to walk away from that. someone was def looking out for you.