Monday, October 11, 2010

This Is Braves Country

I can't tell you how many Braves games I've been to in my life. I can't tell you when my first game was. How many games did I attend in the Fulton County stadium? How many in Turner Field? I don't know. One thing I do know is that Bobby Cox was a constant. He was a great manager. With 158 career ejections, the most in major league history, and ranked 4th with the most wins as a manager, he's a legend.

Last night I was there to see Bobby's 2nd to last game ever.

Would you ever guess we were sisters?

It was a great game. Yeah, we lost, but after Hinske hit that two-run home run, the crowd was pumped. I've never heard that stadium so loud in my life. It was deafening. It was exciting. We thought we had it.

Things didn't work out so well in the end though. And while we lost, we still had hope knowing that the team had another chance to take the Giants the next night.

Here comes Bobby!!

I was hoping the Braves could pull out a win tonight. Just for him. I wasn't ready to see him leave. He cried in the post-game conference. I cried too.

Bobby Cox will always be an icon in Atlanta.

And he'll be missed greatly. Thanks for a great season, Braves.

Thanks for all the memories, Bobby.

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