Sunday, October 24, 2010

The Greatest

So, I rented The Greatest two weeks ago. This movie is not only full of win as far as the actors are concerned, it’s full of win in general. It's sad. It's funny. It's heavy. It's refreshing. It's honest. It's inspiring.

I adore Carey Mulligan. Absolutely adore her. She hasn’t made it to the level of adoration I have for Kristen Stewart yet, but really, no one ever will. Sorry Carey, nothing against you, she’ll just always be my number one. Just know that you and your dimples are a close second. But I feel like Carey and Kristen share a lot of the same qualities.

Susan Sarandon, she’s been around the business for a while. I love her. In my opinion, she’s one of the better actresses out there. And I haven’t really seen her in anything lately so it was good to see her in this. And she did a wonderful job playing a mother who is grieving the loss of a son, of a family really, all the while having to accept an addition, or two, into that crumbling family. I couldn’t really figure out if I should love her or hate her or just feel sorry for her character.

And Pierce Brosnan is really a pretty decent actor. I last saw him in Remember Me, but really, before that, nothing really sticks out about him for me. Except for obviously Mrs. Doubtfire! I thought he was great in Remember Me. And he didn’t disappoint in The Greatest either. He does anger well. He does intense situations in general well. And I thought him and Susan’s chemistry together was pretty good.

Aaron Johnson. I don't know much about this kid. Except that he’s 20, married to a 43-year-old, and just had a baby. What? I’m not jealous at all! But seriously, have you seen those eyes?! Ridiculous. I love that there were flashbacks with him before the accident because it really would’ve been a shame to not have him in the film. I loved the quirky interaction between him and Carey. I loved the way he looked at her (with those eyes). And I loved the way they loved. If only for a day. A few hours really. It was real. It was honest. And it was heartbreaking the way it ended. There are so many what ifs with their situation.

Michael Shannon. Can this man do no wrong?! Honestly, he’s pretty brilliant in everything he does. I last saw him in The Runaways where he played eccentric (crazy?) music producer Kim Fowley and these two roles could not have been more opposites. But of course, he rocks them both. It was kind of strange though seeing him in such a subdued role after TR.

Overall, it was a great little ensemble of a cast. They all had great chemistry together. And it was a great story of first love and the loss of love and the battle to piece a family back together after a tragedy.

If you haven’t yet checked it out, I’d definitely recommend it.

Have you watched any good movies lately?

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