Sunday, October 17, 2010

Weekend with Reese

Friday night after work I headed to my sister's for the weekend. I was sad Reese was already out for the night, but got to wake up to this the next morning:

"You're silly, Aunt Jamie"

After showers, baths, breakfasts and naps were all said and done, we headed downtown for some Georgia Tech tailgating. It was a perfect fall morning for such an event.

Mini-me was out.


Oh, now she's awake!

I wonder how many pictures they'll have like this by the time she's 18.

About an hour before the game, Reese and I packed up and headed back to the house so Jess and Joe could go to the game. First time babysitting the niece! Woo-hoo!!!

After only sleeping for about 20 minutes after we got home, we just hung out. Oh, and we got a free viewing of the air show going on at Dobbins.

Try getting in infant to sleep with this flying over the house...

Soon, it was time for a bottle. And baby girl was HUNGRY!!

Milk coma.

With all the noise going on, it was really impossible for her to get a decent nap in. Eventually we both crashed on the couch for about thirty minutes.

I could hold her like this forever.

After we both woke up, it was bath time, her favorite time of the day! Seriously. This kid loves being in the water. It's so funny. And even more than bath time, she loves if you fill the sink with water and let her just splash around after her actual bath.

In heaven.

She was supposed to take another bottle after her bath, but she wanted nothing to do with it. All she wanted to do was sleep. So, I put her down at 7 and she slept until 3:30 this morning. Pretty good.

And I crashed from about 10:30 until 9 this morning! Amazing. And when I woke up, my sister was making pumpkin pancakes that were out of this world. Seriously. So. Good. And to top it off, when Reese woke up from her morning nap, I got to cuddle her for a while before I had to head out.

Red hair twins.

Such an awesome weekend. Wish they were all like that. And to top it all off, I did some much needed (ok, not really) shopping! Lots of new things to pack up for LA!!!! So. Excited.

Hope everyone else had a fabulous fall weekend!


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