Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Three-Day Weekend Round 1

Last week I started my new schedule at work. Eleven hour workdays, four days a week. That’s 7:30am-6:30pm. And don’t forget about that 30-45 minute commute each way. Do I love it? No. But do I love my three-day weekends that are a result? Absolutely. And this first three-day weekend of the summer did not disappoint.

The Birthday girl.

All the girls.

Thursday night kicked things off. We started with dinner at The Border to celebrate Jennifer’s birthday! But really, all eyes were on baby Addison. And why wouldn’t they be? Have you seen how cute (and BIG) she’s gotten. And that smile and the head-tilt, they melt me.

Seriously. Do you see that smile??

After dinner, we headed to Cassie’s to get ready to go out for the night! (And to watch the Holy Trinity on Oprah, duh!). I can’t remember the last time I went out on a Thursday night. It may have been this time last year….Or it may have been that other time. The time that ended in four of us going to school Friday morning hung over and in the same clothes we went out in. Yeah. Anyway, we went to Plates. And had a blast.

Always with the tongue.

Mid-text or tweet. Always.

Love these two. Love this picture.

It looks like I don't love her. I do.

Funniest things said included, but aren’t limited to:
-Me: “Shake it like a salt pepper!”
-During a conversation between me and Cassie about McDonald’s chocolate pie
Brittney: “They’re talking about chocolate pie!”
Jennifer: “What are y’all talking about Sean for, wha what?”
Brittney: “I said chocolate pie.”

Like I said, good times. Brittney and I went back to my house and, like the good ‘ole days, watched She’s The Man. And crashed. Friday morning we headed into Atlanta, but only after a stop at Zaxby’s! Of course. Brittney dropped me off at my sister’s where I recovered by the pool all afternoon while Jessica slept. Once she woke up and I showered we headed to Taqueria del Sol for dinner. Fried chicken tacos, fried fish tacos, and guacamole? Yes, please! Delicious. After that we headed to the GT baseball game against Miami. Are we a couple of men? Nope. That’s just the sports fanatic that is my sister. Baby Reese doesn’t have a fighting chance. In the bottom of the 5 (6th?) it started raining and lightning so we decided to leave. And what does the pregnant woman want? Ice cream. I however suggest frozen yogurt as a healthier alternative. So frozen yogurt it was! A new Yoforia location at just opened up in Vinings so we hit it up. And it was delicious as well.

Before the rain.

After the rain.


Then we headed back to her house and made beds and she crashed while I waited for Alison and Cassie to swing into town. I had every intention of sleeping as soon as they got there, but you know how that goes. I think it was probably 2am before I fell asleep.

Saturday morning it was time for the Great Strides Walk! Bright and early. We met up with Sam and rocked it in our Team Niall shirts. If there were a t-shirt contest the past two years, I can guarantee you we would’ve won! Of course lunch is served after the walk, but we continued last year’s tradition of going to Krispy Kreme after the walk anyway. Don’t judge.

Team Niall.

This isn't staged...

Let's go.

After that we parted ways with Alison. Cassie and I took a very short nap before getting back up to go get my hair cut! We had every intention of stopping at Rita’s on the way home. We however did not have any intention of stopping at Marietta Diner on the way home. Oops. We did. And we ate. And it was delicious as always! And then we went back to my sister’s for a while before heading back west. And stopping at Rita’s. Ha!

Sunday I got up and went to church and then came home and took a serious nap. Three hours to be exact. Best. Nap. Ever. But as it usually goes, Sunday night I couldn’t sleep. Oh well. All around, I’d say my first three-day weekend was a success! But how could it not be when it’s basically centered around food??

This weekend’s looking pretty good too. Tomorrow night there's a family party for my cousin Jacob's graduation. Thursday night we’re having a movie night at Jeff’s. He wants to watch Twilight and New Moon. Like I’m gonna say no! Friday I have every intention of laying by the pool all day. And Saturday a high school friend is getting married which means everyone will be in town for the festivities. Plans to go out after are in full force. It should be pretty epic. Tweets should be interesting Saturday night for sure. Then I only have ONE week of work before I head to the beach for EIGHT days!!

Real life picture.

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