Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Opening Day 2012

I love baseball.

I love Braves baseball.

And it's not just the sport, but it's the whole experience of being at a game. The smells, the people, the food, the music, the sound of a bat cracking, the hometown pride, and the overall excitement of the thousands of fans.

Now, throw in the fact that it's opening day and you can multiply all of those sentiments by 1,000.

New, exciting entrance!

Your 2012 Atlanta Braves :) 

This year I happened to snag four tickets to the game at the last minute. And as if I wasn't excited enough, The Civil Wars were there to perform before, during, and after the game!

Cutest ever. 


Kaela, Alison and Me 

I've just become a fan of The Civil Wars in the past year, but I fell hard, and I fell fast. They are incredible and their music is so great. And they're even better life. They sound so good it's stupid. And their chemistry is the greatest thing ever. They are cute and bubbly and funny and are just there to have a good time with their fans. It was so great seeing them live. 

More from The Civil Wars 

Friday night fireworks!!! 

And the Braves even managed to pull off a win for us :) I'm excited for a new season of Braves baseball!! 

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