Friday, June 11, 2010

It takes two, baby.

So Thursday night I went to the theatre and saw not one but two movies.
Killers and Iron Man 2. Uh, why? Well you see, I had made plans earlier in the week to have dinner and go see Killers with Shannon because it's been too long since I've seen her! Well then Tuesday night S and I were going to go see Iron Man 2, but he was too busy so I looked at the times and told him that I'd be out of the first movie about 40 minutes before IM2 started if he wanted to meet me there. He said yes. Therefore I saw two movies Thursday night.

First up, Killers. Did you know this movie was filmed in Georgia? In Atlanta to be exact. And Douglasville. Guess where I work. Douglasville! There was actually an email sent out one day that was requesting extras for the block party scenes but I wasn't in town that weekend. Or something. I so would've gone!! Anyway, it's always weird to see movies that were filmed in Atlanta. To recognize buildings and streets. It's just weird.

Anyway, about the movie. It's called Killers. People get killed. But it was funny. Yeah, I said it. The whole thing was rather ridiculous actually. Let's talk about Ashton Kutcher. One word: Yum. Seriously. He is delicious in this movie. If you see it for any reason at all, just do it to see him with his shirt off! He won't disappoint. So yeah, I hope you don't think this is a scary movie because of the title. It is not. It's not a murder mystery. It's not a spy movie. Really, it's a comedy. In the hysterical sense or the hysterically ridiculous? I'm still debating. I'd have been okay just getting it from the RedBox though.

Onto move #2. I texted S right before the movie was over to see if we were still on. And we were. He asked where I was and I told him I'd just wait in the parking lot. Really, where did I have time to go in 40 minutes? So Shannon hangs out with me while I wait for him and then leaves when he pulls up. The first 5 minutes of him being there were hysterical, but I won't go into that here. Just trust me. So here's the deal with Iron Man. I just saw the first one like two months ago. And I didn't love it. Granted, I didn't pay that much attention to it so I thought that was the issue. I hate to say that it wasn't. I again didn't love it. There were literally parts where I thought I was going to fall asleep. And then S would laugh at something and I'd wake up. Ha! I will say that if Robert Downey Jr. would've been in every single scene, it would've won me over. He's great on screen, no? I love him. He's very charming. Definitely steals the screen.

And that, my friends, was my Thursday night.

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