Monday, June 21, 2010

Ohhh, baby!!

You can't see the bump, but trust. It's there!

Saturday we had the first of several baby showers for my sister. My sister!! Seriously, I know she's five years older than me, but how can she possibly be having a BABY?! Every time I see her, her belly has grown and it's becoming more real. Now we're having baby showers, the nursery is coming together, and there is a car seat in my mom's car!! Whaaaat?? Don't get me wrong, I am beyond excited! It's just so surreal. Weren't we just babies ourselves. Like yesterday?

The answer is yes. We were.

And if I feel this way, I can't imagine how my parents feel! And didn't she JUST get married??

This was FIVE years ago? Really?!

Legit. One of my favorite pictures of us. Ever.

But I'm ready. I'm ready to meet baby Reese and hold her and spoil her rotten! I'm ready to see who she looks like. What color her eyes are. Her hair. Whose nose she has. I'm ready to see every little thing about her. And guess what? I get her all to myself. As in, I'm her only aunt! I don't have to share her with anyway! Muahahaha!

For her first gift from me, I did three paintings for her nursery. The animals match the animals that are on the bedding. I'm happy with the way they turned out and Jessica and Joe liked them too.

Love the yellow and purple with the gray!

Sunday afternoon we drove up to Atlanta for Father's Day lunch at Muss & Turner's. So, so, so, yummy! Their sandwiches are divine! After, we went back to Jessica and Joe's for dessert. Joe and I hung up the paintings and then while we were all hanging out downstairs, Jess decided to lay on her side to see if she could get Reese to move. I placed my hand on her stomach and a minute or so later I swear Reese did a flip! It was definitely NOT a kick. It's hard to explain, but it was more like a continuous wave. It was the coolest/weirdest thing ever!

Reese is due August 16th. We're down to the last few weeks and I KNOW they are going to fly by.

Let the waiting begin!

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