Sunday, August 29, 2010


Remember that time I had a wreck and didn't have a car for nearly five months?

Yeah, me too.

That time sucked. But that time is OVER!!! Last week I finally bought my new car!

Keys in hand!!

And ready to drive away! Excited much?


It was a pretty big deal. Not because I was finally getting a new car, but because I did all of it by myself. I set up the appointment to test-drive the car. I went to the dealership by myself for the test drive. Applied for financing by myself. I turned down the first offer. I drove away. I came back three days later, was approved for financing on my own, signed all the papers, and drove away. Big deal right? I mean, I just bought a whole freaking car by myself!! It kind of freaks me out.

She's white and she sparkles in the light. Just like a certain vampire I know ;)

One of the first things I did? Hung up my St. Christopher necklace Cassie gave me. No more wrecks for us!!

My friends and I, we have a tradition. It started four cars ago. You see, we happened to be eating at Longhorn the day Cassie got her new car. Then a few months later when I bought my G6, we were like, "Let's go eat! We should go to Longhorn!" So we did. Then last summer, Jennifer got her new car and, you guessed it, Longhorn it was. So Tuesday night, we couldn't break tradition. Although we really wanted to because we were starving and Marietta Diner was about five minutes closer, haha! We made it to Longhorn though. I kept saying, "I just bought a car!" Then after we ate, we of course hit up Pinkberry since it was just across the parking lot.

Of course we drove there ;)

After dinner and dessert, it was time to part ways, but not before a little photo shoot.

I think Jenn was just as excited as me!



I love her.

Here's to new cars and no wrecks! Oh, and btw, her name is Macy.

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