Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Busy, Busy, Busy

The past two weekends have been jammed pack with activities. Where to start?

Last weekend there were lots of birthdays to celebrate. First on Saturday was a family wedding shower for one of my cousins though. Baby Reese also made her big Carrollton debut and I got lots of cuddle time with her! After that it was over to Cassie's to have her birthday cake!

Sunday after church we went to Little Hawaiian for Cassie's birthday lunch. So good!

Happy 24th!

Then we went right on over to Addison's 1st birthday party! It's hard to believe she's already a year old, but at the same time, it's seems like she's been around forever!

It took her a while to get into it!


Can you tell she is so over it at this point?!

I guess that was pretty much it for that weekend. The work week went by pretty fast and then I was back in Carrollton Saturday night. I caught the tail end of the birthday party for the baby cousins, Emma and Addie.

Emma is turning 4! And Addie turned 2. And they have a 4 month old brother!

They had a huge blow up slide so of course they wanted me to play with them. And you can't tell the birthday girls no!

It was actually really fun!

And the night couldn't have been any nicer! I was actually COLD. A touch of fall is starting to make it's way into the air and I couldn't be more excited about it. Cool mornings. Hot afternoons. And cool nights. It's nice. I'm ready. Summer, I've had enough of you!

Sunday I got up and went to church only to find myself there by myself, my parents nowhere in sight. I called my dad and he said, "Where are you?!" "AT CHURCH! Where are you?!" "We're at the camp. Why don't you come on out?" Um, ok? I forgot that every Sunday before Labor Day, my parents go out and help serve lunch at the camp.

One side of the cabins. Old train cars. Kind of cool. Kind of weird. I hated this place when I was a kid.

After lunch I headed home and grabbed some stuff before heading to the lake. Boating, jet skiing, and tubing were on the agenda as we try to soak up the last bit of summer.

Me and Emma on the boat!

Time to tube with Alison.

Sometime after this, I lost it. And now I'm bruised. Good times.

Love this picture.

Me and Addie "Cole" keeping warm by the fire.

Monday I had to work, boo!! But after I got off I went and had dinner with the sister, brother-in-low and Baby Reese! I'm officially a master at calming a fussy baby in one hand, getting her to fall asleep, all while I'm eating a burger in the other hand!

She was out!

After dinner, Reese got her first bath from Aunt Jamie! She doesn't love bath time so much, so that was fun!

No thanks, I don't want a bath!

Now it's back to work! This weekend will be another exciting one with Josie and Bella coming into town!

Until next time,

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