Friday, December 24, 2010

La La Land

Have I ever mentioned how in love with Los Angeles I am? You’re probably laughing, right? Because the real question is, when do I NOT mention how in love with Los Angeles I am? Let me just apologize in advance if it’s annoying. One day, I’ll move there and you’ll never have to hear about it again. Maybe ;) I'm still winding down from an L.A. high; four days, four nights in sunny, beautiful SoCal with some of the most awesome ladies I’ve ever met. It’s safe to say that it was one of the best times I have ever had. And it only fed into my desire to live there. Like, now. It’s been nearly two months since I’ve returned and I’m finally finding the time to blog about the epicness that it was!

On Thursday morning, November 4th, I bid farewell to a cold, rainy Atlanta.

See ya! Wouldn't wanna be ya!

One pair of $25 headphones, a 5 hour flight next to a guy with what could only be described as the worst case of halitosis in history, and one midair text from 30,000 feet later, I was ready to hop off the plane at LAX (sorry, I had to)!

What's up Los Angeles?!

I tried to contain my excitement and not sprint through the airport and avoid being arrested. Or to scare CC and Kim away...I needed a ride. And somewhere to sleep. I managed to make it to baggage claim with no incidents to the waiting @CynicallyConvy and @kimmcarr who were there with open arms AND a sign!! #IWin. After retrieving my luggage (no worries, it only took 45 minutes…thanks LAX!) we were off! First stop? In-N-Out!

Don’t judge. You’re just jealous ;)

After devouring every last bite, and spilling my drink in the parking lot (sorry we can't have nice things and thanks Kim for running back in and getting me a new one), we were off to our next destination, to visit @Just2CUsmile at school!!! Holy excitement, Batman!!

We kept quiet as mice (this is a joke) as we made these awesome hand turkeys ;)

Once the kiddos were gone, we were out the door and I was introduced to Yogurtland. Let me tell you something, ok? Froyo is so in right now. It is on every single corner everywhere. Atlanta has a number of chains for the yummy stuff, but until Pinkberry opened this summer, none of them were really much to write home about. Then Pinkberry happened and that’s all I wrote home about!! So here I am, trying Yogurtland for the first time. I’ve been assured that it’s better. I hear it’s self serve, which scares me because you can easily get a little out of control in those situations, right?!

Lots of om nom nom noms

Well, then I walk in a see all the different flavors. Ok…I’m starting to like this. I try several flavors, such as: peanut butter, vanilla wafer, pistachio, chocolate twilight, and red velvet cupcake batter. That last one isn’t a joke. I will say that Pinkberry’s fruit is better, but Yogurtland is giving them a run for their money on flavor choices! We left there, drove by someone’s house, went to Target for bonfire (!!!) supplies, then had some Mexican for dinner where CC threw onions on Iris so she wouldn’t feel left out and she also discovered that I secretly hate her and can give a mean bitchface. We make it back to Kim’s where I am a complete zombie after being up for nearly 24 hours. And I crashed.

Friday CC, Kim and I all went to lunch at Aroma Café. I don’t even remember what I ate other than sweet potato fries. But I do know it was delicious. Are you getting the drift that all we did was eat the entire time? Because we did. And I'm not ashamed. Then we headed back to Iris’s school for a dominating round of Jeopardy with her class!!! And just for the record, we totally won! And mad props to the team who answered, "OMG, IDK!!!" After school, it was bonfire time!

Only after we stocked up on Salsa Verdo Doritos! Hey Frito-Lay, WHY DON'T YOU SALE THESE IN GEORGIA?!?!?!

Los Angeles on the way to the beach <3

"This is NOT a bonfire."

We picked up @KJN52 along the way. We sang, we danced, we drank, we talked, we had the most amazing time ever.

That is until CC blew her hand off with five thousand sparklers. Trufax. After a stop at CVS to buy out their supply of ointments and bandages, there was another stop at Yogurtland.


Saturday was the most epic day of all epic days in the world. I'm actually surprised the world is still standing. Or rotating? Anyway, it started off with Welcome to the Rileys.

If you know me, you know how long I've waited for this movie. It's still not looking good for Atlanta to get it at any point so I was thrilled to get the chance to see it in L.A. with these ladies. Of course, it was brilliant. I'll need to write a post on it. Only after I see it again.


After a quick wardrobe change, we hit the road for Laguna for drinks at the Ritz followed by dinner at Stella's to celebrate KJ's birthday. And celebrate we did! Have you ever been to the Ritz in Laguna? Holy shit. The place is beyond incredible. I don't think my jaw left the floor once. Even better was the view.


We sat and had drinks and talked and watched the sunset and it was perfect. Oh, and did I mention some housewives of the O.C. joined us? Yep. Two rounds (of which KJ's were purchased by the waiter for her birthday!) of drinks later it was off to dinner.

I love this picture so much.

I have nothing but good things to say about Stella's. The service was phenomenal. The food, excellent. The company was sublime. We drank some more (read: A. Lot.), ate until we wanted to puke, and had the time of our lives. The video in the car on the way home is proof. don't get to see that ;)

I will share this picture though. It should be explanation enough.

Sunday was our last day together. *sobs* Breakfast was going to be at The Griddle Cafe on Sunset at my request (OMG their french toast!!!), but who wants to wait 2 hours for breakfast?! Not us. Especially after the copious amounts of liquor we drank the night before. Aroma cafe again it was. After filling up, we hit up the Hollywood sign, where CC lost her phone to a post in the ground. Was anyone surprised by this? Not at all.

Goodbye forever. (but not really...a kid with a tiny arm saved the day!)

Dinner was at Joan's on Third. OMG. Mushroom soup. Pulled short rib sandwich. My mouth waters just thinking about it!! We ended the night watching the sunset over Los Angeles from Griffith Observatory. This is one of my favorite places in L.A. You can see everything from here.

And the building is beautiful too!

Are you kidding me?!

This trip could not have ended with a more beautiful setting. I was in awe. I fell in love with this city all over again. I stood and looked out over all the lights, all the buildings and wondered what it could possibly be like to live there. To have THIS as your playground. It's something that I strive for. Something that I think about constantly. It's something I want to do for myself before I die. I'd prefer for it to be sooner rather than later. After taking lots and lots of pictures and hanging onto every last minute together that we possibly could, we headed back to Kim's to watch some Friday Night Lights (it was a prerequisite for this trip) and pack up (while we cried).

And just when we thought the night couldn't get any better, these little beauties popped up all over the internet.


Get it,, Edward!

I'm sure you can imagine what these pictures did to us. Sorry Tim Riggins. In the middle of all the excitement, we decided to take a break and run out for one last In-N-Out feast.


We ate our food at Kim's while looking at more pictures of our favorite couple before we had to say goodbye to Iris and hating that the trip had to end! CC and I finished packing and then lights out.

Monday morning we were up bright and early for our trek into LAX for my flight home. I hated every minute of it (and it was quite a few b/c traffic was a bitch). And that's were it all ended. Said goodbye to CC and Kim at the curb and into the airport I disappeared.

I seriously had one of the best times of my life during those few days. CC, Kim, Iris, KJ, you four are simply amazing. Words cannot describe my feelings for you. Thank you for being who you are. Thank you for welcoming me with open arms. For being crazy hilarious and awesome. Thank you for the best time ever. I love you and miss you all madly!!!

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