Sunday, November 21, 2010

Off With Their Heads!

I know it's a little late, but that's what happens when you fly across the country the week after Halloween ;) And then time just happens to get away from you.

More to come on the most epic trip ever to Cali in the next post.

But for now, here's Halloween.

The Red Queen + The Mad Hatter + Alice = The best costumes EVER.

The Friday before Halloween we hit up 8Traxx Disco with a blow pop, Katy Perry, Doug and Patty Mayonnaise, Snookie and Pauly D, and lots of others that I can't recall at the moment.

Who's been painting my roses red?!

A gathering of a majority of us took place where @AndreaCArtistry so kindly applied the most awesome makeup ever to each and every one of us. Mad skills, that girl!

Dancing in a cage with Alice herself. Be jealous.

There was the drive there which was interesting enough what with all our costumes. I'm pretty sure there still a few remnants of Katy Perry's balls in my car. Some drinks, lots of dancing, and a late night stop at Steak 'n Shake later and I was crashing for a full three hours of sleep before I had to be up for work. It was worth it though. I had a blast. And I'm pretty sure this was by far my best costume ever!

And this might have been the best conversation of the night:

Travis: "Who are they supposed to be, anyway?"

Alison: "Haven't you ever seen Jersey Shore?!"

Travis: "I mean, I've seen it, but I wouldn't just be like that's Snooki and Paula Dean."

What were YOU for Halloween? If you can remember back that far ;)

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