Sunday, June 12, 2011


I've been home a week now. Another beach vacation has come and gone. It's kind of sad to think about. It always seems like it takes a vacation FOREVER to finally come around and then it flies by so fast. 

This year it was back to Panama City. But this year I was gone for a total of ten days. With eight full days on the beach and two days of travel. Absolute Heaven. 

Friday I rode down with my sister, brother-in-law and a screaming Reese. More often than not, she gets carsick on rides that are longer than 45 minutes. And our drive down was 5.5 yeah, she threw up. And I caught it all in a towel and there was no need to stop and clean anyone up. Aunt award of the week? I think so. 


We finally arrived to our 20th floor condo with a ridiculous view. The family friends came over, we had a spaghetti dinner and everyone was asleep by 10. 


Team Baby Salt Shaker representin' 

Then began the daily routine of breakfast, beach, lunch, beach (sometimes pool), shower, dinner, then sleep.

I can never get over how clear the water is. 

Airplane Reese!! 

Funny story. The first day Reese wanted nothing to do with the water or the sand. She usually LOVES the water and has actually been taking swimming lessons since February. But the first day, the waves were pretty choppy and I think it was more the sound that scared her. After that day, she loved it! The sand was another story though. The first day, she was sitting on her towel under the umbrella and my dad called her name. She looked at him and got excited like she didn't realize he was there. So she started to crawl towards him and one hand hit the sand and she froze. Then she slowly picked it up causing the other hand to touch the sand and it was like slow motion crawling and she started to freak out. If only we would've gotten it on video. If only.

Love this picture! 

Dinner out. 

Monday we moved to another condo down the beach. It's the one we usually stay in, but it wasn't available until Monday and being the beach bums that my whole family (and the family friends) are, we opted to switch a few days into the trip just for more time there. The favorites also arrived that day so that was exciting!! 

Late afternoon on the beach with A. 

Day four was the day for photo shoots apparently. There are so many pictures from that day. I'll only torture you with a few ;)

The freckles are ridiculous! 

Can you guess who is who ;) 

Wednesday Jess and Joe left and Reese stayed behind with us. Since they wouldn't be seeing her until Sunday night, Jess and I used to opportunity to use FaceTime for the first time. The first time we did, Reese wasn't quite sure what to think for the first few minutes and then she got so excited when she finally realized. The second time, we documented it because it was just too cute. 


I love this picture SO much. LOVE. IT. 

Look how excited!!

I've kind of lost track of what day we're on, but one day, Alison and I decided to try out the banana boat. Couldn't be that bad, right?! WRONG!!! I literally thought we were going to die. And I'm pretty sure "Banana Nick" laughed at us all the way home. And OMG, by body has never hurt so much in my life. We did laugh the entire time though so I guess it was worth it. 

Impromptu tilt-a-whirl ride at Pier Park. 

Is there anything better than baby feet? The answer is no.

Favorites <3

Afternoon at the pool <3

Last day on the beach :(

Rocking out to Pitbull, lol 

Livin' the life. 

Last year, on the last night, Alison, Cassie and I went out to dinner at the Boatyard so we decided to make that a tradition. One last hurrah, just the three of us. 

And then the next day it was time to head back home. Always so sad.

It was a great 10 days away from home. And work. And real life. It was great to be able to just be there and...just be. No worries in the world. Just lounging on the beach all day, eating what you want *cough* donuts and ice cream *cough*, and just spending time with family and friends. 

Next up, NYC :o 

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