Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Welcome to My Blog

Not my blog. Lee McDougall’s blog. Shall I explain? 

Sunday afternoon, Josie came into town to visit and see Lee McDougall at Smith’s Olde Bar. We started the day with, I guess we’ll call it brunch, at Marietta Diner. A farmer’s omelet, eggs benedict, home fries, and a Belgian waffle later, we were stuffed! After a quick search for my driver’s license, we were off to manicures and pedicures before our mission for cupcakes was underway. After all was satisfied, we headed back to the hotel to get ready for our night out! 

After getting lost briefly (hint: dropping a pin isn’t always accurate) we arrived at Smith’s Old Bar, grabbed some drinks, and took a seat awaiting the moment we would hear that precious British accent of Lee’s. I’ll admit that the only song of his I actually knew before the show was “Falling in Love for the Last Time.” But…who doesn’t know that song? What I do know is that he introduced it as “and this one was the most played song last year on…my mom’s iPod.” Haha! Precious! Anyway, Lee’s voice is absolutely stunning. And I’m now hooked. He also seems to have that same witty humor the rest of those British boys have. My one regret was that the show was too short. I would’ve stayed and listened all night. So come back Lee!! 

After Lee it was a band called 
The Coronas from Dublin. Again with the accents!! We were in Heaven. They were actually quite good as well. 

On the way out we stopped to take pictures with Lee and his first reaction was, “Were you just upstairs for the show or did you just come in from the street to take a picture with a random guy?” Haha! Then as J was trying to take a picture of us she actually was taking a video so he said, “Oh, you’re making a video? Welcome to my blog!” Bahaha! I don’t know why but I died. We took one picture, it was blurry so we decided to take another and he said, “Hey, you have a proper smile! This is just my smile.” 

Marry me? You're tall enough. And you can sing and talk to me all day! 

Josie took a picture with him next, we told him the show was awesome, he thanked us for coming and then we left. Or we tried. That’s when we got asked by some random guys where we were going then invited back inside to do shots. Yep. 

And that was our Lee MacDougall experience. If you ever have a chance, go check him out! You won’t be disappointed. 

Next up, Bobby Long in 3 weeks! 


  1. Great blog. And I love your post about your meeting with Lee. Can I show it on our fansite for him?
    We love reading peoples experiences with Lee.

    Lots of Love
    Lee MacDougall Scandinavia

  2. Lee MacDougall ScandinaviaMay 2, 2011 at 12:48 PM

    Thank you so much :)