Sunday, April 24, 2011

Weddings for Easter Elephants

If the title of this post makes no sense at all, well, that's because my weekend was all kinds of hectic and I was all over the place. A total of nine hours was spent in the car, but I wouldn't have changed anything about it. 

Friday started out with a road trip to Chattanooga to see Water for Elephants with Iris and CC, who drove in from Nashville. It went a little like this:

Welcome to Tennessee!! 

A BEAUTIFUL day in Chattanooga! 

"Oh, they KNOW our fingers!" 

Spent some good QT down by the TN River...where CC almost fell in....

...and in honor of Earth Day, we saved the river from this styrofoam cup! 

We also led our elephant to water. That's for you KCarr! 

It was a great visit, although much MUCH too short! Such a tease. I had the best time. Good food, yummy drinks (Ultimate Arnold Palmers in honor of Rob), watching pretty Rob on screen, and the best company anyone could ask for. I was missing you both the minute we said goodbye. Can't wait until we're all together again. Say, every two months for the remainder of the year? Perfect.

Saturday involved more driving, from Atlanta to Rome, for Troupie and Daniel's wedding. This was the first time our whole college group (all four of us) have been together since Troupie graduated in May of 09. These three were what helped me survive many semesters. Now that Troupie is in Rome and Tiffani is in Louisiana, it was good to have us all together again. And Troupie was a beautiful bride.

Me and Jenn

Me, Jenn and Tiffani

First dance. 

Party favors were ADORABLE! 

LunchQuad <3

Such a pretty bride! 

I love this picture of her! 

Today was Easter. Lots of family time on a gorgeous day at the lake with great food. What more could you ask for?

I'm ready for the boat!!! 

Reese's 1st Easter! 

Addie hunting eggs with not one, but TWO baskets! 

Emma: "I got all the eggs an no one else did." Competitive, this one. 

Love this picture of Addie. 

As you can tell, my weekend really was perfection. I hope you all had a great Easter. 



  1. First of all, I read this the night you posted it and I was INCREDIBLY impressed with the turn around. After itLoJ was neglected for months on end, you just totally redeemed yourself!

    While I cannot speak for your Easter or Troupie's beautiful wedding, I CAN speak for Chattanooga. That was incredible. It was a game of just the tip, but I'd rather have the tip than nothing at all. Thank you for driving to meet us. It was so lovely of you. I had a blast eating with you, sitting by the water with you, saving cups with you, and finding drawn elephants water with you.

    I choo choo choose you forever and I cannot wait to see you again in June.


    ps- they really do know our fingers.

  2. aawww ditto to everything CC said :)
    let's go back. ily both sfm.