Sunday, July 18, 2010

Almost a week.

Proud Aunt Jamie.

I went up and saw Reese today and she is as cute as ever. She's slowly improving but she has to start eating better if she wants to go home soon! She's been completely removed from the breathing monitors and her IV has been taken out. She was also removed from the bili lights yesterday.

Getting her tan on.

As far as eating goes, she still has her feeding tube in, but they've been attempting to bottle feed her twice a day. Last night she ate a full bottle, which I think is 4 oz. And this morning I don't know if she didn't finish it or didn't take it at all.

When I went in today, my sister was holding her while she was being fed through the tube and on my gosh she looks even smaller when she's in someone's arms. So tiny. And boy is she a mover! Always wiggling. Just like she was in the tummy. She's an active one, that Reese. Once the feeding was over, they swaddled her up and put her back in her bed and seriously, she's never looked smaller.

Have you ever?!

They're saying she'll probably be in the hospital for another week. I can't wait for her to be home. I know Jess and Joe can't either. But mostly, I can't wait until I can finally hold her.


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