Tuesday, July 13, 2010

The Waiting Game.

What is my current location?

Piedmont Hospital.

Why am I at Piedmont Hospital?

Well, Baby Reese has decided she wants to be a July baby. Yep, she's one month early. Our only guess is that she's already a storm lover like her momma. It fits though as Jessica & Joe were married in the middle of a tropical storm. Were starting to see a pattern here.

At around 10pm last night, as storms were continuously rolling into Atlanta, dad got a phone call from Jessica and she said, "Hey. You ready to meet your granddaughter tonight?" And that was it. We were all running out the door.

About an hour later we arrived to a very calm and collected woman in labor. And also a very calm father-to-be.

It's now 2:30 am. She's been given an epidural and is dilated 5 centimeters. Right now she's resting up for the big delivery. And she needs it. She's been awake since 1 am yesterday.

And the two sets of grandparents and I are waiting.

Next time we talk, I'll be an aunt.

Until then,

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