Thursday, March 10, 2016

Ready For A Foundation

To some, it may seem like our house is going up super quickly. To us, it's going up at a snail's pace. We are so excited and so ready to be living in our house, to see every decision we've made come to fruition, to start making memories and to eventually start a family here.

We make weekly trips to see the progress, but lately we've had so much rain that it's made it impossible for them to get much done. We also had a little misunderstanding/miscommunication with the layout. We drove out one night before dinner (our new date night routine) after the footings had been poured and our garage was on the right side of the house instead of the left side as we had imagined. This means everything in the house is flipped. All it took was a call to our builder who explained that he always puts the garage on the higher side of the lot to prevent water from draining into the garage. We hadn't even considered this because we specifically picked our lot based off of the fact that we should never have any water issues (thanks to my dad for helping us make that decision!). We sit at the top of a hill and the lot slopes away from the house on all sides. I think our builder even said, "If your house ever floods, we should all probably be building an ark!" Like I said though, it was just a miscommunication and he thought he'd explained it all to us before, but that's all water under the bridge (see what I did there?) now. We're all on the same page now and we have the footings poured, the utility runs have been fitted (those would be the pipes and wires sticking out of the ground), and as far as we can tell, the foundation is ready to be poured!

March 9, 2016

Maybe by the next update we'll have a foundation...and if we're really lucky, some framing will have started!! 

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