Saturday, February 13, 2010

Hate is a strong word, but...

I really, really, really don't like you!

Hey snow, I'm talking to you! Yeah, you're the reason for my dislike right now. While I've been anxiously awaiting the arrival of spring, you decided it would be a good time to bring a nice big dumping to Georgia.

Snow watch 2010 began yesterday morning. Everyone was on high alert. Schools were getting out early. Some schools even cancelled altogether. New stations were deployed to various parts of the state to, well, sit and wait. And I'm sure at the first sight of snow, all TV programs were interrupted with "breaking news." I wouldn't know, I was at work. But did they employ that awful beeping sound that's used when there's a weather warning? You know the one. It makes you cringe. It makes you sick to your stomach. It's the most awful sound you will ever hear. And while it's usually reserved for occasions such as severe weather, tornados, and floods, I wouldn't be surprised if they used it yesterday. Was Oprah interrupted yelling, "Now you get some snow, and you get some snow, and you get some snow" with the sound of the beeping and the "breaking news." God, I hope not. Because that sound, oh it makes me cringe just to think about it.

Did you go to the grocery store yesterday? I'm sure bread, milk and bottled water were very limited if you did. Why? Because it's Georgia and in Georgia we rarely get snow and because we rarely get snow, people don't know how to handle it. People overreact and panic. People don't know how to drive in it. And honestly, we don't have the equipment to clear the roads. Hence the reason the grocery stores will be raided. Because God forbid you run out of bread in milk in the slight chance it snows. In 1993 when the blizzard hit, it was ok to panic, and I use that term loosely. It's never ok to panic. We didn't have power for a week though and had to come into "town" to stay with my grandma. It's not ok now. This is not 1993 and this was not a blizzard. And I know people make fun of the south for their overreaction at the mere mention of snow, but it's how we are. It's a rarity so it's exciting...if you like that kind of thing. I however, I am done. This was our second snow of the season. Second. And I am done. If you read my post a few weeks ago, you know that I'm done. I was done then and I'm done now. I'm like a charred steak that has been left on the grill for far too long. Except for now, I've been thrown into the cold so not only am I charred, but I'm also frozen. Now that's an oxymoron if I've ever heard one!

So this 2-4" of snow that they were calling for, well it hit. And I wasn't excited about it. At all. We've had our snow for the year, I was ready to move on. Get some dignity people; this was nothing to be getting excited about! And this snow, it was out with a vengeance, determined to cancel my plans for the weekend! My plans to get a haircut to be exact! But I had other plans in mind. I left work early Friday afternoon to make it into Atlanta before the roads got bad. I made it. I stayed with Jennifer at her new place. We went to Piedmont Park and played. Then we went home and put on dry clothes and went out and played some more. And really, when I say we played, I mean we took pictures. Tons of pictures. The weather was actually perfect for my latest photography assignment. So, snow, I'll give you one point for that. But remember how I really don't like you? Yeah, that's all you're getting.

This morning, I got up and got ready for my appointment at 10:15. The side roads were a little slushy, but nothing to be too concerned about. Just don't slam on your brakes at any point, right? I get to 75 and it is completely DRY! No ice. No snow. No water. Nothing! I got to 85 and a little slush was there. I got to 400 and had to slow down a bit. Then I got to the Glenridge Connector and that was a whole different ball game. I realized I was going to be a few minutes late so I called Van Michael's and they said, "Oh...Avery wasn't able to make it in today and we haven't had the chance to call you!" Umm...thanks! Van Michael's, I love you, I really really love you. You know I love you because I drive a good hour each way just to get my haircut! And I know you said someone was willing to see me today, but I'm a little partial to Avery with my hair, so thanks, but no thanks. So then came the drive back to Carrollton. I have never been on Moores Mill so long in my life!!! I was ready to shoot myself. But, I made it home in about an hour and a half and I must say that Carrollton got NOTHING compared to the snow in Atlanta. I was kind of shocked at how little snow there was.

So snow, you are pretty, I'll give you that, but you are no longer welcome here. Unless you'd like to schedule your next visit for December 25, 2010. In that case, come on over. Otherwise, I'd really like it if you'd move on out and let spring move on in. Thanks. And while I dislike you so much, you did give me some pretty awesome pictures to look at so I'll give you another point for that.

Anyway, here are some pictures:

Getting onto I20 about 3 hours after the snow started.

Piedmont Park

Just walking around Piedmont. Freezing.


AMAZING view of the skyline.

We found this GIANT snowball so naturally I climbed on top of it!

Rap video Jamie.

The Golden Puppy catching snowballs.

And snow, I'm hearing you could be making another visit on Monday and Tuesday, so those two points I gave you earlier, can kiss them goodbye.

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