Monday, March 8, 2010

Before And After

I'm breaking out some OLD pictures for this one. It's the right thing to do.

But first, have I ever mentioned how great my friends are? Well, I'm mentioning it again because it's the truth. The friends that I've grown up with. The friends that I survived high school with. The friends that, for the most part, all went away to college but yet we continued to stay great friends. Visiting each other at school. Getting together when everyone is home during the holidays. Celebrating Thomas Jefferson's birthday (look for that post next weekend). We always manage to find a way to see each other. And our group, it's forever growing. One by one, people are starting to get married. And let me tell you, you couldn't ask to be accepted by a better group of people. Seriously. We're are a tightly woven group of friends and once we've let you in, you'll be in for life. Because we're cool like that. And if someone in our group loves you, well, we're going to love you too. And, we're pretty damn hilarious. Fact.

Saturday night, we had a small wedding shower for Caroline and Tim.

Aren't we cute using the self-timer? There are usually more of us but several couldn't make. You know, because we have grown up lives now.

This was us six years ago on our high school senior trip. We went to Orlando for a week and met Tito Jackson at dinner one night. He was trashed and he congratulated us on graduating and then he stood on this chair and took a picture with us. True story.

Me and the beautiful bride! Less than a month away!

And here we are the night we graduated high school. This seems like ages ago!!

All the girls <3

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