Thursday, March 18, 2010

JHiggs in Cali.

I don't have time to be here. I was stuck at school until after 10pm failing miserably to get a decent print for photo tomorrow. I ate Frosted Mini Wheats and a banana for dinner. My finger nails are caked in black ink from printmaking this morning. And yes, I've washed my hands a thousand times. And used lava soap. It's still there. My feet are covered in a nice layer of black soot from cleaning out the iron pour pit in sculpture tonight. Point is, I need a shower. I need to take this nail polish off and repaint my nails. And I don't have time. I don't have time to do anything! I need to be working on floorplans. I need to be packing for the weekend. I do NOT need to be here blogging. But I HAD to stop and share this picture. The picture that made my night one thousand times better!!!

JHiggs. That's me.

Yeah. That's my name. In the sand. At the beach. In....CALIFORNIA!!!!! Am I in California? Unfortunately, no. So who's there? My friend CC. We've been brought together by similar interests. Interests in one Kristen Stewart to be exact. And CC, she writes the FUNNIEST blog you will ever read. Seriously. I'm jealous. But CC and I, we've emailed back and forth on many occasions now and have pretty much become BFFs. I've told A and C they better step their game up if they don't want to be replaced ;) And CC, she knows my love of Los Angeles and California. Today, she flew to LA. And tonight she tweeted the above picture!

So. Freaking. AWESOME!!!! My name in the sand in California. Where I belong.

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