Friday, March 5, 2010

Rough Drafts

These are rough drafts of my senior show cards. And I absolutely LOVE them. If you read my post a few weeks ago about yellow, you know how it's my obsession right now. Everything is yellow. The shirt I have on as I'm typing this is yellow. So you know when Jessica brought in these rough drafts (plus about twenty others), I was instantly smitten with them. And actually, during our first meeting, the light bulb wasn't yellow, but we liked the cleanliness and crispness of the doors that we decided to attempt the same idea with the light bulb. And now I'm torn. Decisions, decisions. Good thing there are three other people in the show to help make the decision. Because honestly, I can't.

And speaking of my show, here is the latest:

Today, I met with Barry with final floorplans. Out of a three-story house with an endless number of rooms, there were only two rooms that he suggested I change or make adjustments to. Pretty good, no? Tuesday I have to go back with those changes and with elevations on the parts of the house that we are considering my "opportunities to shine." They will be my major design elements. They are what will set the house apart from other houses. Yikes.

As far as the schedule goes, I have 5 weeks to pretty much have everything done. On April 9th (uh, hello new Runaways release date...more to come on that later) I have to turn in EVERYTHING I have completed. And at that point, Barry will decided if it's possible for me to be done . If not, I won't be in the show. I don't know what happens then so...I'll just plan on being done! Also on April 9th, I'll be traveling to Jekyll Island for Derrick and Katie's wedding. Let's hope my project gets approval or that 6 hour drive is not going to be fun for whoever (*cough* Alison *cough) is in the car with me. After that I have 2 weeks to finalize everything until we install the show at ADAC. It will be up for a week and on the last night there will be a closing reception. Friends, family, professors, and hopefully potential employers will be present. And then I will go out and celebrate.

And now, the search for the perfect show dress is underway :)

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  1. I definitely prefer the light bulb. I think I would like the door one better if one of the end doors was yellow instead of the middle one.