Monday, March 15, 2010

Remember Me

“If you could hear me, I would say that our finger prints don't fade from the lives we've touched.”

WARNING!!! There will be spoilers. I usually try not to say too much, but there is so much I have to say about this movie.

First off, Robert Pattinson as Tyler Hawkins is brilliant! He’s truly and utterly and heartbreakingly brilliant. They said this was his chance to prove he could be more than Edward Cullen. Well sir, you’ve done it. He was charming, passionate, and compelling. When he needed to be sad, you felt it. When he was supposed to be funny, he was really funny. And when he needed to be angry, he blew it out of the water. The scene where he bursts into his dad’s meeting, it blew me away. He was fantastic. And then the scene where he took his sister to school and pretty much destroyed the classroom in defense of her after the incident at the slumber party, it left me speechless. Cassie leaned over and said, “That little girl just pissed her pants!” And I responded with, “I just pissed my pants!!!” He was that good.

Ruby Jerins, who plays Caroline, she’s quite the little actress herself. Loved her. But what I loved more was the interaction between her and Rob. When they were in a scene together, they were captivating. Even when there was other stuff going on in the scene, these two stole your attention. Caroline, she clearly adored her brother, Tyler. After the loss of their older brother Michael, Tyler was her world. Her best friend. These two onscreen together, it was like they’d known each other their whole lives.

And Emilie de Ravin, I liked her. She was a good pick for the role of Ally but I honestly think that Rob and Ruby stole the spotlight in this one. The chemistry between her and Rob was good. You didn’t have to work to believe in their relationship which I know was a huge concern for everyone because he’s supposed to be Edward and he’s only supposed to love Bella. It was fine though. They work well together.

Going into the movie, I knew there was a September 11th storyline along with it. I however didn’t know how it would play out. I kept waiting for it. And when I finally figured out how it was going to play out, I lost it. Completely lost it. I started shaking. Tears were running down my cheeks at an epic rate. I’m pretty sure I was shaking the whole row of seats in an attempt to stifle my sobs. I leaned over to Cassie and said, “He’s in the tower!!! He’s in the effing tower!” I brought my knees up to my chest, put my hands in my hair and just cried. And then a good ten minutes later when, “September 11, 2001” was shown written across the blackboard, you could literally feel the air being sucked out of the theatre. And I continued to sob for the remainder of the movie. And we sat there and cried for a good while after too. The way they depicted it, it was very tastefully done. They didn’t show pictures or videos from that day nearly nine years ago. But you knew. We all knew. We don’t need those reminders. That day is and will forever be burned into our minds. Our children’s history books, they’re our memories. We lived it. We witnessed it. And during this movie I was brought back to that day. I remembered what I was wearing. I remembered walking down the halls of my high school and seeing the looks on people’s faces as the news spread. I remember sitting, glued to the TV for the rest of the day. The rest of the night. The rest of the week. Those pictures and videos being played over and over as our country was ripped apart. As our country mourned and wept. And as our country came together; united to support each other in the most devastating act of terrorism ever. This movie, it brought back all those memories so clearly. And the fact that Caroline had now lost both of her brothers, it broke my heart into a million pieces. These two families who had already been devastated by loss in their lives were facing it again. And. It. Broke. My. Heart. I can honestly say I have never cried that hard in a movie.
Tissues that I did NOT have in the movie. I'll use them now that I'm sick though.

But you know what? As sad as it was, I so badly want to go see it again. It is that good. And despite it being so heartbreaking, there are parts of the movie that are funny; hilarious actually. There are lots of funny parts. More than I expected. And the acting was so, so great. Rob, I believe we’ll be seeing him around for quite some time. Long after all the Twilight films are over, he’ll be there. He will be there. On the big screen, doing what he does best. And probably even behind it, producing. He was a producer on this movie. Impressive. And I’d bet a good bit of money on him directing someday too. Robert Pattinson, he’s just begun. And this movie is proof of that.

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