Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Summer Road Trip 2009 - Part II - AZ, Hoover Dam, Grand Canyon

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Our last morning in Vegas started with breakfast at the buffet in the hotel. Oh my gosh, so good! From there we ran back up to the room, grabbed our belongings, went back downstairs to check out and as soon as we stepped up to the desk, my aunt called to tell me she had just pulled up outside. Perfect timing!! And we were off to our second leg of the trip; Hoover Dam, Grand Canyon, and an overnight stay with the family in Kingman, Arizona.

To get to my aunt and uncle's house in Arizona, you have to cross over the Hoover Dam...there is no other way around it.

That is until they finish this bridge. Which I will not be driving over if I am ever to visit again. No thanks.

Of course, for us, sitting in the traffic was no problem. We were tourist and were excited to see it for the first time!

Absolutely breathtaking.

Have you ever seen anything this beautiful? Look at that water!

Crossing over the dam numerous times since they've lived in AZ, my aunt decided her and my cousin would wait for us in the car while we walked around and checked things out. And just when I thought Vegas was as hot as it could possibly get, we stepped out of the car at the dam and...damn!!! We walked around, checked things out, took some pictures, and headed back to the car as quickly as possible. And we were hot. And sweaty. And thirsty.

This. This is what the temperature was. Shoot me.

Then we headed to Kingman. After arriving at my aunt and uncle's house and chilling for a few minutes, the three of us hit the road. It was Grand Canyon or bust! And the Grand Canyon, it’s such a weird thing. You’re just driving along and the scenery is absolutely stunning.


Beautiful, no?

Even a little wildlife was seen!

And then all of a sudden....BAM!!

A giant hole in the Earth. But a what a beautiful hole it was.

And get this, it was in the low 70s. Yeah, just a few hours after leaving the Hoover Dam and it’s smoldering 113 degrees, the Grand Canyon welcomed us with 70 degrees and breezy. I might even go as far as saying I was cold.

This might be one of my favorite pictures of us ever.

This one too.

I want this tan back. Now.

After a short visit, we jumped back in the car to make the two hour drive to Kingman where we rested up for the even longer drive that was coming up the next day. It's also where we saw our first In-N-Out of the trip!!!

Dear In-N-Out, please move east. Thank you.

Everyone, and I mean it, should visit the Grand Canyon before they die. It is one of the most amazing natural wonders I have ever seen in my life. One of the most amazing things I've ever seen period. Being able to experience it with my two best friends on such an epic trip was more than I could have asked for.

I bet you don't think it's possible for this trip to get any better, do you? Well, it does. Coming up next, Los Angeles and San Diego!

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